Me Version 2.0

*What does my 2.0 Version look like? Writing about Me 2.0 version as if I have already become the ideal version of myself.


Published on: January 27, 2025

Premdeep SinghPremdeep Singh is an Indo-Canadian business person, philanthropist, media personality, and AI scientist who founded the Indian AI Inc., an artificial intelligence solution company with a valuation of $1.5b. He had been working for many renowned companies such as Meta, Google, and Microsoft and also founded Indian AI in the year 2020 in Canada during the first year of his career in artificial intelligence. Mr. Singh has been connected to many for-profit and non-profit organizations. He has produced many documentaries focused on social issues, travel, and exploration. He is so passionate about traveling and experiences. His personal mission is to visit every country in the world including the North & South poles before 2032.

indian aiIndian AI company has multiple solutions centers including one of the biggest centers in India and other business and innovation centers including the USA, UK, and Europe. Indian AI (Artificial Intelligence) has tie-ups with many renowned universities in North America and India for education, research & development in artificial intelligence technology. The company mainly provides AI-based solutions for Space technology, Cybersecurity, and healthcare.


successfoundationSuccess Foundation (www.Success.Foundation website) is another hybrid profit venture founded by Premdeep Singh. The foundation owned media entities Success.Foundation website, Success Channel (TV & Youtube), Success Radio, Success Documentaries, and Success Cafes: A refreshment chain for idea entrepreneurs, futurists, coaches, and success seekers. A human transformational hub where great minds meet, explore future possibilities by brainstorming in encouraging a positive environment. If you believe that you can be empowered to control your own destiny by making important changes in your life approach then you are welcome to join our Success Cafe membership to access highly valuable rare resources. *Skeptical, negative minds, and ignorants are not welcomed.

 Success Foundation's mission is to focus on human life development by the law of success, abundance, empowerment, and the awareness of positive aspects of human life. All this can be achieved by the Mindset and persistent efforts. Success Foundation empowers individuals to control their own destiny. The core belief behind Success Foundation is, there is enough abundance of resources for humans to have a thriving life. Only need to have the right mindset, channel the energy, and align efforts in a specific way to achieve desired goals in life. Foundation brings the success coaches, mentors, organizations, and agencies to one platform that can be easily accessible to every connected individual.

EvolutionPremdeep Singh is also known for philanthropic work in India. He has established “Evolution” - a non-profit organization that establishes and manages service centers called “Hub”. Hubs mainly connect local residents of the villages and small towns, spread information important for education and development. The information such as government incentives, educational options, and other opportunities available in the state, country, and around the globe. These centers have also provided free basic facilities to the residents in their coverage areas, such as ATMs for basic banking, Gymnasium, Small library, Community center, Education & training center equipped with Internet Wifi, and health care clinic, etc. Evolution runs with the support of Indian AI Inc., Success.Foundation, Local Governments, and other business organizations.