I’ve been in the internet business industry since 2006 but have been really started making money from 2013. I have couple of websites for the source of main income but also working for a famous airline for another stream of income, plus get travel benefits.

Since I found my passion in the world of online business, I have tried so many unsuccessful ideas till I got my first success. Now, I have many years experience in the industry and also have so many business ideas to start. But can I work on all those ideas? Not possible. One person cannot do everything. That is why we need to focus on few things which makes you most enthusiastic.

This question always comes in my mind that I have so many ideas but cannot work on all those then what is the use of those ideas? One of my friend suggested me if I can help to spread that idea entrepreneur information to the public for the sake of good then my brainstorming and experience will be worth.

It was not bad idea. After some thought process, I decided to share my business ideas and information with other like minded passionate readers. I have not meet any person in the community I belongs too. Definitely, there will be few but I did not get chance. When people hear what I really do or how you survive on just a part-time job then I tells them my main source of income.

Internet business is not thing of interest except for the most of people because they are not aware about it. Internet is still a check the email, sharing thing on facebook and watching videos on Youtube. There is small percentage of people who really think and take interest because they keep following the updates from commerce or ecommerce industry. They have some touch and information about the role of internet in the global business.

These interested people, when they hear my online business to make money then they start asking questions to me. Some things I can explain right away but some things needed organized step-by-step coaching. I cannot explain while drinking coffee in the cafeteria or while working at airport. Still I try to explain them whatever maximum I can.

Now, more and more people started asking questions and want to start business. They are gradually getting awareness about the internet business and its benefits. Such as flexibility, less investment and freedom from 9 to 5 job. In the current scenario, most of people do not want to join internet as full time job but as passive income which can help to reduce the burden of expenses. They cannot contribute more ours to make more money from job. Most people already working at full capacity and they want to reduce burden.

Whatever can be the reason and whatever their knowledge level is but they are getting awareness and want to try passive income business. This is the reason, the number of people asking me to help them to establish some online business which can be managed with little efforts and investments are gradually increasing.

As I already mentioned that I have so many authentic business ideas but cannot work on all. I have no problem to provide those online/offline  business ideas case studies to the public. At least someone will use it and get some benefits instead keep hiding in my mind and use no where.

Is this another pitch to grab customers for the paid training and make money? No !! Because I am not charging anything for my case studies and will be putting online as written and video format. But something I will gain for sure by disclosing my ideas to the public. What Is That?

The first benefit to me the interaction with other like minded people who will give me reviews, and let me know the pros and the cons. It will help me to gain more knowledge. Everyone has something to contribute. So they will contribute and readers will get benefit from them too. Its win win situation.

The second benefit I am thinking is finding a right partner and establishing new venture. So why I have to do all this to choose partner? So many people are out there to join partnership then why it is so important?

It is important. So many or most of the people want to make money and want to become rich but most of them are not ready to give what it takes. They are passionate about only making money but do not really want to contribute anything substantial which will provide the value to the public. The point they are not making money they will lose the interest. Or they have their own mental limitations. They are willing to do when they look at the money but when the need to brainstorm and innovate, they start assuming as bookish things. And there are other important factors too which need to be considered when choosing a right partner. To whom you are dealing is more important than deal.

Are they wrong? Absolutely Not. It is just life style. Such as born entrepreneurs, innovators, artists and visionaries. These are not skills but life style. I am just looking for partner with compatible vision. Everyone creates his own reality and I have mine too.

I do not believe that if someone has different lifestyle then he should not have the opportunities to grow. He or she will grow in different way, create different reality but the person will grow for sure. By keeping this philosophy in my mind, I am going to disclose the business case studies base on my knowledge and experiences.

Alright. It is better to share your knowledge which may benefit to other newbies. But why readers really need to take it serious? What is the proof that these ideas are authentic and can help someone? Why it is not another pitch to attract the readers?

All these are valid questions and everyone need to ask these before take anyone serious. I am happy if readers will analyze and will look for the answers from me. As Kevin Trudeau said,”To Whom You Ask?” Kevin Mark Trudeau is an American author, salesman, and pool enthusiast. There are some allegations on him regarding false claims and he has been in legal complications too.

Kevin mentioned in his famous success coaching that if you want to learn or know something from anyone then the most important thing to keep in mind is to whom you ask for. If you need money guidance, are you asking for self made rich person or a broke person who want to make money by selling the knowledge to you? The common sense will solve the problem here. Always ask to someone who already been successful in the field. For that, even he is charging or just helping you by guiding you free of cost but it will always be valuable information.

I am already wrote my history in the internet business world. I have started so many different projects and most of them were not successful but every failure or the success reach one step ahead and it took almost seven years to make first dollar online. Few I started with the collaboration with others and some I had started alone. I also have some experience of working with others. That is why I am very picky about the partnership but always open. Even a person is from same field, he has good knowledge level but if he has different priorities or goals then it is really hard to achieve anything together.

Am I millionaire? NO NO. I am not one more self claiming millionaire who talks about 100s of thousands dollars online but trying to make money by selling few dollar worth eBook. If I can be millionaire? Yes, for sure, and soon. It takes some times, efforts and achieving one level. After that I can reach to millionaire mark. Currently, I am making in thousands each month. But I think this is not bad at this level. Only this is enough to provide me freedom. Millionaire is the next stage which need some more time.

I am just working part-time at my airline job and never tried for the over time. I have mortgage, family responsibilities and my parents are also dependent on me. How can I survive by just a single part time job? It is because I have online business which provides me more financial freedom. But this is not enough. I am working on more projects and ideas to go to next level.

Another valid question: What is the base of these business ideas? Are these came while I was sleeping and suddenly I got an idea in mind which I think is amazing? Why these ideas are different from millions of other ideas inauthentic ideas without any factual base?

Basically, when I find anything lucrative then I use my tools and sources to validate the ideas. As internet entrepreneur, I know some tools which can provide deep insight and factual reports about the thing(s) we want to know more about. I am already using these tools for my business analysis. Same tools I use and analyze the validity and the scalability of the idea(s). Based on my experiences, the information I collects from the tools, the sources I used and the recommendations from the industry leaders, I develop a small simple case study.

The case studies are nothing includes complicated graphs and sophisticated language which are the beyond the understanding of normal people. I always like to use simple language. I am not language expert and also do not want to make it highly professional but complicated for the newbies middle class. Most people lose their interest at the first level when they assume that these are highly sophisticated things which cannot be achieved by middle classes. But this is just myth. Infact, internet businesses and micro entrepreneurship are mostly needed by the lower and the middle classes. Rich and super riches do not need to do these at all because they already have everything to start anything and hire people to make those successful.

Simple explanation by simple language, simple visual contents, simple products and services at very low cost which can be affordable by any person and any level – lower, middle or upper classes. What I believe personally, most of the things are not complicated but inbetweener makes things complicated by showing their professionalism. They trying to make things highly professional but complicated to just present themselves as expert. Interestingly, most of the thing are successful when those are simple.

Google and the Facebook are the biggest example. Both started so simply with a mission to provide value to the people who want to use it. Both are still simple but thriving in the world of business. Yes, it takes time and efforts to establish yourself in something new which you have never done before. So do not lose the hope, stay consistent, persistent and you will achieve what you want. I have already mentioned my history above. It tooks few years to earn first dollar.

Why it took years and do you need years too? Not really. It took years for me because no one in my family and network even was entrepreneur, internet entrepreneur was the beyond my reach. Internet was sucks and I was in India where I had to convert everything in Rupees. It is 50 times+ amount of the dollar. Hosting services were limited and expensive. And most important, I had no knowledge how the internet business world works. That was the time of Yahoo Chat Messenger and accessing email was the usual level of internet access. eCommerce was not stable.

Now, scenario is completely changed. Internet is so stable, eCommerce is not upper class thing anymore. Buying things and services online are daily routine. Even you are buying things by going physically in the store, still it involves reading the reviews online and receiving couple or sales information via online.  

There are so many people like me to share knowledge and experiences with the public is a major factor of becoming internet entrepreneurship popular. But why would anyone share their knowledge with anyone which they have earned by hard work and facing so many failures? Because they have already reached to the next level. There previous level is not affecting them anymore. From the next level they are trying to reach to advance level.

By sharing their knowledge, they are looking for community of like minded people and if possible, the future partners who can bring value to their current businesses. Just having money do not contribute anything in the lifestyle. You also need community of people who faith in same ideas. That is how growth happens. Network, collaboration and contribution.

I think this is enough to explain about me and my plans. From now onward, I will post new online businesses case studies which can be great business. There is no guarantee those ideas will be successful because success in business also depends upon so many other factors which we will keep discussing in other posts. But having a authentic business ideas is the first step towards a successful entrepreneurship.  

If you have any question then you can contact me at email

I will keep writing about me….. keep in touch for update.